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We support children, young people and their families after the death of a parent or sibling.

Freephone Helpline: 08088 020 021

Bereavement support for children, young people, families and the professionals who care for them

More than 100 children are bereaved of a parent every single day in the UK.

This is the most fundamental loss a child will ever face. We believe in a society in which every child can get the help they need when someone close to them dies. With the right support at the right time, a child can face the future with confidence and hope.


We provide professional therapeutic support in a range of circumstances, including individual, group and residential settings. Help is available in schools, in person, online and over the phone.

Freephone National Helpline

Our National Freephone Helpline is a vital tool for those coping with bereavement. It is manned by trained clinical practitioners and is free and confidential. Call 08088 020 021 for free advice and guidance.

Specialist Support

We are the only specialist provider of support for children bereaved through homicide and suicide, as well as military families who have been bereaved.

Memory Dolls

We help young people, families and the professionals who care for them.

Our publications and resources help thousands of families every single year, whilst our training ensures that professionals have the knowledge needed to help grieving children.

Publications & Resources

Our publications and resources are designed to offer practical help to bereaved children and their families and will be of interest to parents or other family members, carers, teachers and other professionals.

Professional Training

Since 1992, we have built up a wealth of experience and expertise. We are pleased to share this knowledge to aid others whose work brings them into contact with bereaved children and the adults who care for them. Visit our training pages for more information.

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